BipCatSelector 2.0

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  1. Simon dedi ki:

    Hi. is there a way to download the script without registration?

  2. Mustafa Dinckol dedi ki:

    Hey arkadaş BipCatSelector Sınıf kaydedilmemiş diye bir hata veriyor ??

  3. 3dguy dedi ki:

    How download without login?

  4. s25jin dedi ki:

    can not find Biped using the “root bone.”

  5. A good tool, but it is pity, it does not work properly in 3ds Max 2017! Immediately there is an error at start script.

  6. Does this work with 3ds max 2018. If not is there a way to get it to work. For now I’m just using the selection set on the left side of 3ds max Thank you.

  7. kaneda dedi ki:

    Just one click you can sign up from facebook yada and other social platforms > it just dosen’t works, the redirection page goes forever without any result.

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